About us

After many years of dreaming and planning, Andy and Julia McLeod started Scratch Farm in 2018. Andy and Julia have both been growing and preserving food for as long as they can remember. They both grew up in Maine, left for a while, and came back.

They met when both were living in Portland. Several years later they apprenticed on a farm in Washington, Maine. The next summer they grew and prepared (with friends and family) almost all of the food for their wedding. Julia wrote a blog about the experience (click here to read it).

After much searching, they found 22 acres of woods to buy in Bowdoin, Maine in 2010. They cleared four acres, built a house with logs from their land and started growing food for themselves right away. Six years later, after the detour of parenthood, they started selling their products in earnest.

They work hard to grow and prepare delicious, healthy, affordable food and medicinal products. Their love of cooking, eating and providing for their own needs drives their constantly expanding selection of products.

Click here for more information about ordering monthly boxes jam-packed with fresh produce, frozen food, canned goods and medicinal products. It’s like a CSA with more variety!

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