Half sour kosher dill pickles (quart)




These refrigerator pickles are crisp, sour and delicious! We sell them by the quart and the gallon (click here to buy a gallon).

The recipe was passed down to Julia by her father’s Jewish grandmother, Rebecca Pressner. Rebecca was born in a shtetl (a Jewish village) in Austria in 1884. When she was 15, she traveled in steerage on a ship to the United States without her parents. She brought two younger brothers with her, who she cared for in the new world after coming through immigration at Ellis Island. She worked in the garment industry in New York’s Lower East side and became the manager of the finishing department of a garment factory. When she could, she sent money back to the old world to pay for passage for her parents and the rest of her brothers. She married Felix Eisner in 1912 and lived to the age of 92. Julia’s father writes: “Rebecca taught me to cook, emphasizing traditional recipes and tasting rather than measuring, and also emphasizing the use of natural foods and whole wheat.”

Ingredients: organic cucumbers, water, vinegar, pickling salt, organic dill, pickling spice, organic garlic