The I Remember Summer Box

January 2020

Enjoy the tastes of summer while the snow falls outside.

Send an email to to reserve yours. Let us know when and where you’d like to pick up and if you’d like any substitutions or add-ons.

Click here for more about pick up locations and other details.

For $70, the I Remember Summer Box includes:

  • Whole wheat pita bread (12 pieces)
  • Eggs (2 dozen)
  • Organic carrots
  • Organic onions
  • Organic potatoes
  • Organic salad greens (subject to availability, if we run out we will substitute more of something else)
  • Canned peaches
  • Canned pureed tomatoes (a good base for soups and more)
  • Your choice of blueberry jam, raw honey or strawberry sauce (like jam, but a little liquidy)
  • Cabbage/carrot/onion kraut
  • Strawberries, frozen
  • Edamame, frozen

January à la carte items

You are welcome to order these items as add-ons to the I Remember Summer Box or on their own without a box.

  • Second quality maple syrup (some sediment at the bottom, still tastes great): $7/pint
  • Medium/spicy salsa: $6/pint
  • Organic butternut squash: $2.50/lb
  • Organic onions: $2.50/lb
  • Organic carrots: $2.50/lb
  • Eggs (dozen): $4
  • Fire cider (9 oz bottle): $12
  • Echinacea tincture (1 oz): $9
  • Hot sauce (5 oz): $5
  • Calendula & lavender salve (1 oz): $5
  • Strawberries, frozen (1 lb): $5
  • Tomato soup, frozen (32 oz): $6
  • Green beans, frozen (1 lb): $4
  • Edamame, frozen (1 lb): $4
  • Watermelon juice ice cubes (1 lb): $4
  • Whole wheat pita bread (package of 4, frozen): $4

Send an email to to reserve your order. Thanks for supporting our farm!