What to do with garlic scapes

We posted to social media wondering what to do with our garlic scapes and the recipes and ideas poured in! Here are a few crowd-sourced suggestions.

  • Made into pesto (lots of people suggested this and we made some!)
  • Used to flavor butter
  • Grilled: Just toss with a little olive oil and salt and grill just enough to soften, like asparagus
  • Used in a basil/cilantro/garlic scape vinaigrette
  • Breaded and fried like onion rings
  • Pickled
  • Whole, tossed in a little oil, sprinkled with salt, spread on a sheet pan and roasted in the oven at 400 degrees
  • Mixed with white beans to make a dip
  • Added to roasted vegetables, potato salad, pasta salad, scrambled eggs, hummus, or homemade stock

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